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Nuclear Security Concerns

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Just like the passersby are incapable of looking away from car crashes or any other accidents on the roads, the world seems to have fixated their eyes on the security of the nuclear weapons of Pakistan. 

Well, their Nuclear Security Concern seems fair enough. As, what will happen if these nuclear weapons fall in the hands of terrorists?

And this apprehension makes it a matter of global concern.  

But the question that lingers on, in the mind of many ordinary people including me is

Why Pakistan is the sole target of this global concern?

The news flashing on the mainstream media and social outlooks “US expresses concerns regarding Pakistan’s N-weapons”, makes one sometimes think as if Pakistan has located these nuclear weapons in open ground, surrounded by a few to none soldiers to protect them.

Thus terrorist organisations could anytime attack and confiscate these weapons posing threat to the International community and its peace.

The state of Pakistan has got enough power to protect its nuclear arsenal, installations and facilities. Whereas, Pakistan Army is the only Army in the world which has swiped terrorism out of its soil. These and other facts make one realize how clumsy is the world’s opinion regarding Pakistan’s nuclear program. 

Their irrational claim of Pakistan’s nuclear arms falling into the hands of terrorists or extremist elements, taking over the government, and using these weapons of mass destruction insensibly, appear more to be a part of a fiction story.


How Pakistan is facing blame-game?

Let’s throw some light on certain facts and figures

First, let’s deal with the apprehension that terrorists might overhaul Pakistan’s nuclear arms. Aforementioned statement implies the insecurity in terms of the terror attacks Pakistan got hit itself with. 

Pakistan has suffered a lot because of the American’s war on terror that it took part in after September 11, 2001. A loss of over 75000 lives besides 120 billion dollars.

And from 2001 onward, the number of terror attacks that hit Pakistan are around 600. A huge number just to cause goosebumps, No? 

Well, if we compare it with over 7000 attacks on the Indian soil. And around 450 in the US in the same period then we might need to rethink. 


Comparison of Terrorist Attacks on N-Countries

The military is responsible for the security of a state’s nuclear arsenal, so for a wider analysis, let’s compare the attacks on the military targets.

Let’s just discuss Pakistan and India, the countries accompanying same political, economical, and social cultures.

Major Attacks On Pakistan
  • Kamra airbase attack in 2012
  • GHQ attack in 2009
Major Attacks On India
  • Uri attack 2016
  • Pathankot attack
  • Nagrota attack in 2016
  • Pulwama attack of 2019
    • whereby 350 kg of explosives were used by the militants in one of the most militarized zones of the world

Furthermore, the attack on the camp bastion, a British military airbase in Afghanistan, ‘described by some’ as the safest place on Earth also rises same doubts about the security of other nuclear states.

Think if whose security paradigm seems more reliable?


Unfair Media Trial

Another unjustly escalated irrational perception against Pakistan of radicals’ influence is highlighted.

Posing that it might enable the extremist elements to take over the government which will ultimately use weapons of mass destruction against the state or states that do not comply with them or their deeds.

Hell-fire Media
Hell-fire Media

India is 4th on the list for religious intolerance while Pakistan is number 10 on the list, portraying which country has harbored and hampered more radicals on its soil.

Pew Research Center

Last, let’s destroy the image of Pakistan as an irresponsible state or a state incapable of securing its nuclear arsenals.

There have been around over 400 cases of smuggling and stealing of nuclear materials and safety-related incidents in nuclear facilities since 1993.

All these incidents from states considered as the nuclear godfathers

  • Russia
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Israel

While the interesting fact is they have reported none of such incidents in Pakistan till date.

Nuclear Security Concerns 1
The rights of Employees in Islam

Pakistan’s Nuclear Security Standards

Referring to the capability of nuclear security, Pakistan has met all the standards prescribed by the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) to toughen its nuclear security. Pakistan has submitted four national reports to the UN committee observing the implementation of UN Resolution 1540, thus, meeting an international obligation of nonproliferation and security that many countries have not yet met.

Nuclear Security
Nuclear Security

Mr Amano expressed his appreciation for Pakistan’s cooperation with the IAEA and its active contribution to the Agency’s efforts to build capacity in other countries in the region by providing experts and hosting training courses.

DG IAEA Yukiya Amano

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