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Pakistan Is Not Holding the guilt-free Israeli Pilot.

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Recently I saw an image circulating on social media claiming that an Israeli newspaper Haaretz has featured an article on its homepage, asking for the return of an Israeli pilot.

I was OK until I found that there is an Urdu version of the post also circulating on social media which alarmed my conscious with a clue for that something is wrong with this news and the hype it is creating.

It is a sad fact that people usually buy shocking news, fake news, impossible news, and I can say stupid news. And its a human nature that its mind is affected by the appalling news the most.

But it is not necessary that there is no Israeli pilot under Pakistani armed forces occupation.

The True News About Israel

The fact about the story circulating on social media is that Israeli newspaper has already written a detailed post regarding the inauthentic status of the social media trend. Israel says that Pakistan is not holding any Israeli pilot.

Status of Israel and Israeli

Pakistan is the country that has yet not accepted the existence of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. On Pakistani passport, it unequivocally mentions on every page that this passport isn’t valid to use in Israel. Other than Israel, the visa is usable throughout the world.

Israel claims its occupation of Israel as an Israeli state, making it the only state belonging to Jews on the surface of the earth.

Israeli praying
Israeli praying

However, Jews came to Palestine, the Arab land after they were brutally killed, tortured, raped, and starved to death by Germany. At that time when it was the order of the German state to kill Jews wherever the armed forces find them.

The Arabs allowed them to stay in their country. And they did the same against their hosts, proving the legitimacy of Hitler. Today its almost impossible for Palestinians to live and breathe freely in their homeland.

Recent Israeli War Crimes

Israel has recently captured Golan Heights stealing the Syrian land. Apart from participating in the bombing and murdering the people of Palestine, Israel is growing beyond its territorial needs. There are hardly a few people belonging to the tribe of Israel, but their desire for killing people and enslaving them is unlimited.

The threat of Israel is beyond its territories, and there appears very little retaliation against their occupation and constant invasions of Arab lands. If we want to make the world safer and progressive, the world needs to put an end to Israeli crimes.

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