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Interpersonal Communication in the Age of Technology


Communication which occurs between two or more than two persons is Interpersonal Communication. Like everything else, technology has affected communication patterns of individuals also. Latest technologies such as smartphones, laptops, and the internet have not only transformed the communication behavior of an individual but also affected interpersonal life and relationships in both; direct and an indirect manner.

Smartphones and social media are now more like a necessity for people to communicate messages. Individuals use these technologies for their personal and professional communication needs. Day by day these technologies are getting more and more advanced. People are not only using them to communicate with one another but also for seeking information relevant to their field. They are also very helpful in maintaining long-distance relationships.

Despite the advantages, these technologies have also affected the communication patterns, lifestyle and relationships of individuals in a negative way.

People don’t spare time for healthy outdoor activities and interpersonal communication.

When the technology was not so advanced, people used to take out some time for healthy activities from their daily routine. Playgrounds were full whereas, hospital beds were not. People used to visit parks and other social gatherings where they used to sit and talk regularly. But now, people prefer to stay at home, playing games on their gadgets. Due to the lack of healthy activities, they are facing more health issues. People prefer to play games online rather than spending time on healthy outdoor activities.

Time management is now an issue.

In the past, people had time for doing everything they wanted to do. They had time to do their jobs, enjoy important friends and family functions, time to do gossips and time for their hobbies too. The purpose of introducing technology was to save time and energy of people. But we can see people complaining about time management issues. They will always say that they can’t manage the time of certain things in life. They want to do a lot but they can’t due to lack of time. People get less time to accomplish essential tasks when they spend too much time on the internet or using mobile phones. Internet and mobile phones have affected the daily routine of individuals equally as they cannot concentrate and manage their time effectively because of mobile phones usage.

People feel disconnected when they are not connected to their circle via social media.

Individuals use the internet to stay connected with their friends and family members. Smartphones have revolutionized the ways through which people connect and communicate with one another. We can’t deny the importance of technology but being highly dependent on these mediums effects us psychologically too. Smartphones with internet available is a big deal for people now. Almost all their educational and official work is dependent on these mediums. Therefore, they feel a sense of isolation and disconnection when the internet is unavailable.

The demand of multi-communication has increased. Sometimes it leaves a negative effect on interpersonal communication.

People say that due to advancement in technologies the demand of multi-communication has increased over the period of time. When a person is busy talking with friends or family members face-to-face, at the same time he/she might need to reply to some call or text. This thing definitely affects interpersonal communication. The other communication partner might get offended thinking that the other person is ignoring them. These technologies have taken away personal space from an individual indeed!

Messages are often misinterpreted via text-based communication.

Text-based messages are often misinterpreted because you can’t see the tone and mood of a person who is sending or receiving a text. The best part of face to face communication is that you can see the situation and act accordingly. But, you don’t get this privilege in text-based communication. These misunderstandings can affect your interpersonal relationships in a negative way.

In short, these technologies have challenged the pre-existing norms of communication and interpersonal relationships. And it is becoming impossible for individuals to remain unaffected by these mediums in their interpersonal lives.

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