Breaking: Taliban Capture Indian MI-24 Attack Helicopter.

News from Afghanistan of Indian MI-24 Attack Helicopter capture is troublesome for New-Dehli. Taliban are gaining control of Afghan-land as rapidly as never before. Since President Biden asked US troops to withdraw Afghan Army is reluctant to take the responsibility of defending the country. It seems that a section of Afghan National forces has already lost psychologically after the withdrawal of the world’s largest military coalition.

The news that is emerging continuously out of Afghanistan endorses the decision of the United States. The decision of ending 20-years, the world’s longest fought war with no results drawn. As this withdrawal accounts for the defeat of the United States, the Taliban see it as their major victory.

Doha Peace-Dialogues have made the Taliban a rising power in Afghanistan. And their recognition as a regional power on a global spectrum. As they sweep through the areas under the control of Ghani, they yesterday took control of an airport of strategic importance. And with this latest move, the possibility of the Afghan Army maintaining the resistance die.

The dream of Indian Supremacy in Afghanistan.

The United States had been playing double-game in Afghanistan. They grew ties with India by offering a leading role and access to Indian consulates in Afghanistan. The United States kept ignoring the concerns of Pakistan over the Indian involvement in disrupting peace in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan. Pakistan went through a spell of terrorism that took the life of 100,000 Pakistani citizens and lost trillions in economy and infrastructure.

The United States had been doing it for the known history, funding, and implantation of favorite governments around the globe. With the placement of Ashraf Ghani, the United States had big dreams. They wanted to convert Afghanistan into a military stronghold. The oath of defending American interests outside American boundaries includes destroying every other nation on earth, and put them to shame, and conquer their land as a colony.

India thought of participating with the US. And as the dream of the US dies, the Indian dream dies too.

Indian MI-24 Attack Helicopter captured in Afghanistan

India had built an Anti-Pakistan coalition with the Afghan government. India is a military ally of the Afghan government and had provided intelligence and arms support to anti-state militant groups to facilitate the Indian agenda in Afghanistan. However, with the Taliban sweeping one province after the other, they have acquired control of Indian Fighter Helicopter. Consequently, making it a failure of Indian intelligence agencies and foreign affairs department.

Indian MI-24 Attack Helicopter
Indian MI-24 Attack Helicopter
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion.

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