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How to slap someone through the internet?

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In this world of internet and growing ICT technology, How to slap someone through the internet? you would be wondering, why would you need to slap someone on the internet. Well, the advent of technology in the 21st century has connected us more than ever in the history but not in a physical world but an imaginary world.

Conflicts are a part of everyday life and so is the case of internet. Every day, billions of people log onto social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, and WeChat to scan endless news feeds and interact with online communities all over the world. Over 2.3 billion people use social media globally, according to Our World in Data, which is one in three people.

As we can currently see in Ukraine, social media manipulation is becoming more and more widespread. Social media is causing mistrust, information overload as well as important gaps, and uncertainty about news and information. This is due to disinformation campaigns, rumours about transit options, hate speech directed at specific groups, and disinformation campaigns itself. And most of the time people get into situations where they want to slap someone through the internet.

How to slap someone over the internet
How to slap someone over the internet

Tips on How to slap someone through the internet?

It would be best if you addressed them as “your highness.” Enter “yeah right,” and a disdain grins in the answer field if you disagree with anything. Keep your composure. Instead of acting maturely, you need to hit people occasionally. It is quite calming to the mind.

The enemy is killed in silence. Ignore the person. Continue living your life. Spend time developing yourself and concentrating on your goals while learning new things. Without using a stone, you can conquer your adversary.

Sorry, but you should avoid participating in online discussions and fights of this nature. You will benefit from it and be able to live comfortably. There are many idiots worldwide, and social media gives them a platform to express their egotistical, arbitrary viewpoints.

Modern way to slap someone through the internet

Once the person has been located, you must open a new browser tab and navigate to the website. You must type the person’s name or email address into the text area on the website and then click the “slap” button—the page where the video of you slapping the individual is taken to. Before pressing the “slap” button, ensure your webcam is turned on because a recording will be made. Additionally, ensure you have a strong internet connection because the video will be streamed live.

You can also use virtual reality to avenge yourself. It would help if you first located a virtual reality headset compatible with your device to slap someone in virtual reality. You’ll need to download a virtual reality program that lets you slap people once you have the headset. You will need to research to pick the best app for you because a few different ones let you do this. Once you’ve downloaded the program, you’ll need to don the virtual reality headset and double-check that the target of your virtual slap is standing right next to you in the exact virtual location. When you’re ready, you can slap them hard! And it is always necessary to hit racists hard.

slap someone through the internet
slap someone through the internet

Intelligent way of slapping someone over the internet

The Internet is where people from various backgrounds come and present their views, and most of the time, these views are flawed, fake, and fabricated. The percentage of fake news circulation over the Internet and other modes of communication is as high as 70% or more.

Additionally, there is little to no repercussion or moral binding on people who may be from a faraway city, country or continent that might stop them from posing evil thoughts and words on you. Therefore, staying reserved and ignoring or avoiding interaction with strangers is always better. Otherwise, you can play the same way by intelligently utilizing words to slap someone disturbing you.

Last but not least, tolerance can help you a lot. It will be better for your mental health if you cannot respond or don’t want to waste your time on useless battles.

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