Do I Have Autism

What is autism and how to know if his query “Do I Have Autism” fits best on you? Let’s answer this question in a thorough but simple manner.


Autism (ASD) is a developmental disorder that causes difficulty in social interactions. Because it is a spectrum, the appearance can differ from one end of the spectrum to the other. There is no known cause for Autism in or is there a cure.

Do I Have Autism
Do I Have Autism

We define the three classifications for Autism as follow

  • Autistic Disorder
  • Asperger’s Syndrome 
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD-NOS) 

Not otherwise specified, In the United States 1 in 68 children suffer from some autism. 

Autism Behavior Checklist

Without proceeding any further, let’s dive right in to the concept.

Here I am going to write the ‘autism behavior checklist’ which will reveal much about you and let you really understand, if you are into this or not. Let’s do this:

    Which of the following exemplifies a symptom of autism spectrum disorder?

    According to researchers few of the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder are:

    • Hypersensitiveness.
    • Anxiety & Depression.
    • Restricted behavior.
    • Disturbance in social relatedness.
    • Lack of Cognitive Abilities.
    • Difficulties in performing information-processing.

    But wait, don’t draw conclusions before reading other aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    Which of the following statements about autism spectrum disorder is incorrect?

    All of the statements made in the above sections as “symptoms of autism spectrum disorder” can be concluded as incorrect.

    Because the person suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder in usual cases just thinks differently. Yes, you heard it right, they think differently.

    According to Massachusetts General Hospital, It has been widely speculated that Albert Einstein, Newton, and Bill Gates are on Autism spectrum disorder. Well, it is highly possible, as Autism literally means “Alone”

    Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Whereas, a list of famous myths Autism in general, is as below

    • These people don’t want friends
      • They are very critical in choosing friends, in fact. And they can have friends.
    • They have no emotions or attachments.
      • No, they just react differently and in cases they just perceive the situation differently.
    • They are intellectually disabled.
      • They can have exceptional abilities, in fact. But it depends how they are trained and they can have high IQ’s.
    • Autism only affects children.
      • Not always the case.
    • Bad parenting can be a contributing factor.
      • This has been disproved. But nothing is static in the world of Science.
    Mind Matters
    Mind Matters

    Autism In Adults

    A thorough research on asd in Adults suggests following symptoms as an indication of its presence in any adult.

    • Lack of interest in working.
    • Lack of confidence while talking to the Boss.
    • Frank behavior with co-workers.
    • Anxiety, depression, and touchy behavior towards surrounding and disturbance in placement of elements.
    • Over thinking or no attention at all.
    • Facing challenges in performing unusual tasks or new tasks.

    It is observed that few Adults suffering from ASD are extra-intelligent. They are less distracted by their surrounding or social activities. They can be extremely successful and well-versed. Few companies are actively recruting such people because their strength areas include coding, mathematics, drafting, and music etc.

    Famous people with Autism Spectrum Disorder


    People with Autism can successfully spend their lives. They are not behind anyone and can be intelligent. Also they need the attention of family and friends. They can live a normal life. So, If you are a parent of a kid with asd, don’t take tension. Butt prepare your child intelligently, So she may enjoy her/his life fully.

    Suggestions Credits Abdullah Ali Abbasi

    Billie Foster
    Billie Foster
    Billie Foster works as a Medical health provider and Hospice caregiver. She Teaches life skills to Adults and Retired statesmen.

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