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What Is A Healthy Relationship?


There are many opinions regarding what a healthy relationship looks like. This may vary depending on your religion, culture and what each individual couple determines appropriate for their relationship.

How To Build A Relationship

Getting to know one another is the first step to having a healthy, and happy relationship. It is important to know of one another’s likes and dislikes. Also, one another’s religious, political and moral points of view. Weather or not they have integrity in consonance to yours and like-mindedness. 


Communication In A Relationship

Engaging in Communication is important, as there will be times when you have a difference of opinion but if you can talk it over, you most likely can work it out. Communication is the key to success in any phase of life.

Agree To Disagree

Agreeing on the basics roles of each member of the relationship. How to raise your children how to discipline your children. And money issues, retirement plans.

Criticizing Or Judging One Another

Having the same fundamental values each play a part in a successful relationship. If you can agree on these issues before you rush into a committed relationship it may save you from a divorce later. Respect, Trust and setting Boundaries. Giving each other the freedom to express their own feelings without criticizing or judging one another.

Respecting the Difference

Respecting one another’s likes and dislikes even if they’re different from yours and giving them the freedom to be themselves, trusting them to make their own decisions have their own friends however boundaries are necessary and should be discussed to know what is and is not in each relationship.

Encourage One Another

Positive affirmation and encouragement in whatever projects are interesting your spouse. Making time to take part or take an interest in their career interests, and hobbies, and supporting them.

Happy Moments

Spending quality time together doing things you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be expensive or even time away from home there are many things couples can do to strengthen their bond. Enjoying life’s most Simple Pleasures.

Love Is Peace

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