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What Caused The Taliban To Want New Peace Talks With The US?


U.S is escaping from the battlefields of Afghanistan.

War brings anger.

Stay there, wipe off these filthy “moslems” from the surface of earth, liberate the people of Afghanistan so the children may never find who actually is their father from among the nation of men.

The freedom fighter students of Afghanistan, the Taliban have an undeniable presence and supremacy in the region.

The European colonials are losing their most expensive war in the battlefields belonging to the real-men.

The filthy politicians in the guise of war wanted to make trillions. They wrapped the war for money under the cover of terrorism. They fueled it using hate, prejudice, racism and religious bigotry. They used the most effective pillar of “democracy” I-e media to propagate their cruel agenda. They brainwashed their own people. They waged a war which was illegitimate from the very first day.

It was an attack on a legitimate government. It was an attack on the religion of Islam. Later, it was painted as a war against terrorism.

The US soldiers knew it as a fact from the day one. Many believed that it’s a war of no use, they believed that it’s not a war between the well-wishers of Christ and anti-Christ.
Being a men, I honor the dignity, sacrifice and valor of the army-men from NATO-forces. In the meanwhile I extend my hand of condolences towards them, as they ran in a race which had no aim other than destruction of the competitor which is against the self-esteem of a real-men.

Taliban aren’t begging for a peace-deal. Pakistan is making it possible, the stay of U.S in Afghanistan. The day we will lift our hand from the head of this alliance, it will be the last day of the NATO-forces.
As a good-will gesture, we are still trying to figure a way of reconciliation. So, the U.S government may have a plea to justify to its own people that they didn’t lose anything.

However, to the corrupt elite I am leaving a message….
It won’t stop there, it’s a start of a new era…

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