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US Pakistan Relations And Khan’s Successful Visit To USA

Imran Khan and Donald Trump in the Oval Office

Imran Khan’s visit to USA was a great diplomacy deal. Imran Khan’s visit brought the two countries together and helped to mend the broken ties.Besides mending and bringing the warmth back into this both country’s relationship. The analysts have observed a new dynamics in US Pakistan Relations. Resulting into the rise of few very important questions.

What were the intentions and hopes behind all these re-conciliatory efforts?

Pakistan had paid immense and unprecedented services to USA and always tried hard to fulfill America’s “Do more” demands. 

Whereas, USA always tries to pose a superiority over Pakistan and widely propagates the idea that the aid is a reward to Pakistani services.

Furthermore, it wasn’t any aid but a compensation in consonance to the destruction and wastage of Pakistani resources because of war in Afghanistan while defending the US interests.

Pakistan didn’t defend its political and military standing globally as persuasively and effectively as the USA did. Thus giving rise to a condition where Pakistan had to go through several consequences of severe nature.

But Now things are Changing

Things are changing as like most of the countries have changed their priorities, friendships and fidelity.

Trump affection towards Pakistan immensely increased because USA wants a stable Afghanistan and for this herculean task USA needs Pakistan to start the peace dialogues between Taliban and Afghanistan government.

Why US Wants Peace In Afghanistan?

I will answer this question in another article!

What is happening right now?

Imran-Trump meeting was mainly circumambulating the Afghanistan peace process. 

And in this discussion session Imran Khan pleasantly and confidently put forth his concerns and finely explicit the Pakistan’s position and demands.

Release Dr Aafia Siddiqui 

During his visit in an interview IK said that Pakistan can release Shakil Afridi in exchange of Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

 No Aid, But Trade

Imran Khan prominently cleared the position of Pakistan this time that Pakistan do not want any aid anymore and want a relationship where both countries would have an equal give and take relationship. 

Discussion On kashmir Issue

This visit was a major win from this point too that Trump discussed the kashmir issue and give a cue to the world that there is an issue , there is a valley named kashmir and this is a need of the time to resolve this issue. Contradictory to India’s claims that everything is fine.


To summarize it all, PM Imran Khan visit was a great win as all issues about which Pakistani nation was anxious and worried were put forth by Imran Khan and gladly these issues weren’t denied by trump side too.

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