Science & TechTop Ufone Internet Packages (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Top Ufone Internet Packages (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)


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We all want to subscribe to the most affordable internet plans available. Connect with your friends and family using these fair-usage Ufone Internet packages.

The usage of internet is growing by each passing day. In this post, we will focus on discussing with you about the Ufone Internet Packages.

Ufone Internet Packages – Daily


500 MB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 50 MB1 AM-
9 PM
Rs.6 *3461#


500 MB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 40 MB1 DAYRs.12 *2256#


2 GB 1 AM – 8 AM Rs. 15 *550#


500 MB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 75 MB 1-Day Rs. 18 *2258#

Ufone Internet Packages – 3 days Bucket

In this package you get the following benefits for three days.

500 MB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 100 MB Validity: 03 DaysRs.30*3350#
Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages – Weekly Internet Packages


1.2GBValidity: 07 DaysRs.130 (load)*220#


3GBValidity: 07 DaysRs.175 (load)*260#

Ufone Internet Packages – Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly Light

2 GB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 1 GB Validity: 30 DaysRs.390 (load)*7807#

Monthly Heavy

2 GB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 3 GB Validity: 30 DaysRs.780 (load)*803#

Monthly Max

2 GB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 10 GB Validity: 30 DaysRs.1560 (load)*5100#

Ufone Internet Packages – Content Bundles


100 MB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp)Validity: 1 DayRs.6*4422#


500 MB ( Whatsapp) + 10,000 SMSValidity: 1 DayRs.6*3465#


500 MB (YouTube, Daily Motion)Validity: 1 HourRs.10*78#


1 GB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp)Validity: 30 DayRs.60*5858#

Ufone Internet Packages – Flash Deals


2 GB (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line) + 1 GBValidity: 30 DayRs.250
Cashback – Rs 50

ufone internet packages
ufone internet packages

General Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are mentioned including Taxes.
  • Maximum available speed will be given to he user. However, Actual Internet speed depends on certain factors which may include location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers etc.
  • Whatsapp calls will also be charged & will reduce the data available.
  • All these packages are for Pre-Paid Customers.
  • To check your usage status dial, *706#
  • Ufone reserves an amount of data-available to improve the user experience.
  • Sometimes you feel that you are being charged even when you are not using the data.
    It is because of the fact that 4G devices keep operating in the background. This is a very little amount of data, often used for location services or improved user experience. But still, background data usage stays on.
    The best remedy is to turn the data coverage of your phone to 2G/3G instead of 4G, once you have planned to turn it off.

Daily Bundles

  • Ufone implements a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 500 MBs per day on social freebies.

3 Day Bundles

  • Ufone implements a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 500 MB on social freebies of 3 Day bucket.

Weekly Bundles

  • Ufone implements a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 2 GB is applicable on social freebies of Weekly Light bucket.

Monthly Bundles

  • Ufone allows multiple packages from different bundles at a single time.
  • Ufone implements a Fair Usage Policy (FUP of 2 GB on social freebies of Monthly Light, Monthly Heavy and Monthly Max.

Content Bundles

  • Streaming Bundle offer is valid for 1 hour.
  • Multiple subscriptions allowed on Streaming.
  • Streaming bundle internet can only be used on YouTube and Daily Motion.
  • Streaming bundle are for prepaid customers only.

You can also dial the code *3# from your handset to select your desired ufone internet packages.

To check your usage status dial, *706#

The internet usage meter resets at 12 O’clock at night.

Rupees 2.50 per MB will be charged after the expiry or end of the ufone internet packages.

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Top Ufone Internet Packages (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly) 2
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