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The Story of Pakistani YouTube Lecturer – Malik Shahzaib

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My name is Malik Shahzaib. The story of where I stand now is a complicated one with twists and turns and in every other story of greatness. It all started back in the 9th grade when I had failed in chemistry. My overall aggregate was far below the expectations of all my teachers and family so, it was decided that I should get a change of school for better results. I went to a new school where they conducted my admission test, but I failed to clear that test as well.

Surrounded by disappointment, I told my family that I would work very hard to get good grades in Matric examination but nobody believed me. But I was adamant that I could. I burnt the midnight oil the entire year and kept on studying finally got grades I could be proud of to the surprise of my whole family. After I passed Fsc, my mother got diagnosed with cancer, the treatment was very expensive.


I was the eldest of my siblings and I watched my father work extremely hard at everything and saw that It was getting more and more difficult for him to manage everything. I decided to get a job and support my father.

First Job

I was 17 years old when I started my first job at the airport, a professional environment. I decided to continue my studies along with the job so, I took admission in BSc and failed in the examination. But I lied to my family that I had passed the BSc Exam that I had graduated, solely because of my mother. I loved her too much to disappoint and worry her at her condition. She got very happy upon hearing my lie. But I vowed to make it true.

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I reappeared in the BSc exams under the huge pressure of making up for what I had already told I had done but as fate would have it, I failed again. This time it was crucial. I was now fearless of failure and I appeared in the exams a third time and viola, I had finally passed, now officially graduated. This was the best moment of my life thus far. I told my mother that I would make her proud and I wanted to study further but my mother told me that my studies would be very expensive and wouldn’t be able to manage it all. But I told her that I could and I would.

I started working two jobs, continuing one at the Airport and another one in a call center. By the grace of Allah, my family started to support me financially from that point on as I was unable to focus on my studies and I left both jobs and just focused on studying. I took admission in PMAS Arid University of Information Technology and my fearless attitude helped a lot. I started studying with full concentration. My aim was to make my mother proud and I wanted to give her happiness. I topped in the first semester in university and was rewarded the most talented student of the university with prize money of Twenty Thousand Rupees.


I then realized that I know the feelings of an average student, how he should study and act, because of facing everything I had faced in life. So, I created a channel on YouTube and started helping students. I kept creating videos. Students found my content really helpful. At the start, I was really worried and demoralized on I was working day and night without getting expected results but I kept working hard.

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On September 2017, I topped in my whole university in MCS and became Gold Medalist in March 2018. I took my mother and family with myself on my convocation. After topping the first one, this was the best day of my life. I finally made my mother proud. Both my father and mother were happy and proud of their son today. I was appreciated by my whole family. But my mother’s disease was growing day by day. We went umrah in May after two months of getting my degree and I am proud that I helped her in performing umrah. These were the best moments of my life with my mother.

My Great Mother

My mother left this world three months after returning from umrah. And I was all alone. But kept working hard. I created that YouTube channel to make my mother proud but I lost my mother. “Now who was I to make proud”, I thought to myself, “For whom would I live”. My mother had made me very strong. So, I kept working on the same dream. Now, today, I have 50,000 subscribers; today, I aim to make my father and my nation, Pakistan, proud of me. I want to show the world that I am the son of a great mother and a great nation.

To all the people reading, I would like to tell you that at the start, no one will believe in you and everyone all laugh at you but once you start to succeed, they all start respecting you, they start believing in you. The only difference between you and your goals is initiation. So, take a step now and move towards success!

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