The Moon is Beautiful Isnt It?

“The Moon is Beautiful Isnt It,” is the phrase that almost every literary person from Japan says once in his lifetime. Every culture has its unique traits, and Japanese culture is not an exception. Natsume Soseki, a Japanese Writer, and Novelist significantly express his views with this famous saying of his, “The Moon is Beautiful Isn’t It?” Japanese culture is fairly sensitive, and their civil attitude towards everybody is famous. Once, he overheard a student saying, “I love you,” and he deemed it inappropriate for Japanese people and culture.

Natsume Soseki was a famous teacher and had many students. Once, his student was translating something from English literature to the Japanese language and had translated the phrase “I love you” literally. This leads to discomforting Natsume Soseki, and he devised a Japanese alternative, rest is the history. 

The Moon is Beautiful Isnt It - japanese
The Moon is Beautiful Isnt It – japanese

The previously mentioned event led him to invent this famous phrase, the Moon is Beautiful Isn’t It, an equivalent to “I love you.” This phrase 月が綺麗ですね (Tsuki ga kirei desu ne) symbolizes the importance of culture and the role of artists in promoting it through their art. Publicly available art can’t promote foreign values and should promote the local values, endorsing the need for co-existence, harmony, and understanding.

The time at which this proverb gain popularity was simple, and people used to be modest and respectful. It was unthinkable to ask anything so bluntly on someone’s face as it might cause an imminent embracement or a discomforting situation for the listener. And such a level of decency leads to indirect ways of expressing love. And the phrase, “The Moon is Beautiful Isnt It?” is now commonly used even by the youth.

What is the reply to the Moon is Beautiful Isnt It?

This is an intelligent Japanese phrase that can be said to anyone you care about and want to be with them. However, it has an elementary scenario of being under the bare sky. And the most appropriate literary answer to this notion is 死んでもいいわ | shindemo iiwa “I can die happy.” The term I can die happy implies that the relationship will bring joys and contentment that will denounce the urge for better, forever.

A person keeps looking for a better alternative, but once we get the ultimate, our search for alternatives comes to an end. These beautiful events are simple and exemplary, to begin with. And in this age of desensitization, we all have to start respecting everyone’s personal space and their comfort zone. Dragging anyone out of their sensitivity leads to serious emotional consequences.

Why moon is used as a symbol of love?

The Moon is Beautiful Isnt It leads to one thinking that Japanese people are so impressed with the beauty of the moon that they indicate the most remarkable events of their life by comparing it to the moon. The moon is a source of amusement throughout history in different cultures.

At night when there is calmness everywhere and you are watching outside the window of your room and see everything quiet and calm under the light of the moon, there is nothing more lovely than this, and this must impress everyone who loves nature, peace, and serenity. Thus the moon is used as a symbol of peace and love.

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