How To Write Effectively?

How To Write Effectively? 4

A writer is the person who can bring a change in society. But a writer with the same intensity can even destroy a society and its morality. Therefore, the sensitivity of the character calls for the appropriateness of the role model. 

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Be an Amazing writer

We shall educate a writer on the matters she or he will write on. However, he should also be morally upright. The high morality will allow him/her to enjoy massive confidence. He should be a critical thinker and an analyst too, to create a masterpiece. Whereas, the correct analysis of a situation, its impact at present, and its future outcome, are all the most important deliverables that an analysis has to produce.

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Analysis Is Oxygen For A Writer

To write, take your case ahead, in front of your readers intelligently, friendly, and formally. Write normal length sentences with sequencing. We usually do sequencing by loading our passage with the usage of words like however, Thus, Hence and other transition verbs. So, all our sentences are interconnected and collaboratively making a perfect sense. 

Use no weak information, data or offensive language. Even if you are interested in persuading your agenda whatever it may be, the betterment of society, reforms in the society etc. stay calm. Don’t taunt or use harsh words. Because it will bring no change in the personality of your reader.

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No Foul Language!

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand that the process of reform is very lengthy and passive. To bring reforms in society, the reformist has to cope with the challenges logically, humbly, and politely. Whereas we should also keep it in mind, that nothing will work in a bit of time. 

Nations reach certain places, either high or low, after a constant struggle that spans over a lengthy tenure. 

No one can befall you or lift you up except you.


And it calibrates the scale of your success according to the success-level of your nation.


Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a blogger by passion.

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