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A Road Network ensures comprehensive and continuous by-road connectivity throughout a given area, from towns to meadows, villages to cities, and cities to far-off countries. A good road network establishes a higher level of integrated connectivity, improved economics, resource mobilization, and opportunities sharing. A network of roads with intersections and links that offer a variety of routes between the starting point and the destination facilitates journeys by improving modern mode of physical communication.

The transportation of people and commodities is provided by the numerous types of road networks in a particular region, as well as a variety of structures. The road infrastructure consists of all types of roads, buildings, structures, markings and signage, electrical systems, and other elements necessary for a safe, trouble-free, and effective flow of traffic. The most popular means of transportation require a good, extensive road network to operate efficiently.

The ability to transport people and commodities, regardless of distance, directly to a destination, as well as the relatively high speed and lack of time wastage, are all pouring into the importance of roads. Road transportation and associated infrastructure make it possible to transfer both people and goods for sale, including materials, raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods.

Road Networks serve one of the most important purposes of regulating traffic and avoiding congestion. The abrupt increase in human population and rapid production units of commercial vehicles has increased the burden of traffic on ordinary roads. Additionally, urban living has increased the density of population at a given place by many times. Thus, it requires modern, slick, and more integrated road networks to facilitate modern needs and congested urban lifestyles.

importance of Road Network
importance of Road Network

The mobility and accessibility of the workforce are impacted by road infrastructure, and this is reflected in the rate of employment. Additionally, a greater employment rate raises living standards. The level of road infrastructure development affects several things, including the growth of tourism, the inflow of foreign capital, regional development, etc. All the indicators—employment, revenues, expenditure, savings, investment, and preferences for tourism—will eventually affect the gross domestic product, a crucial macroeconomic index that weighs the production of the state’s economy. Transport is also important in an international environment for international trade and participation in several fields.

Importance of road network

The expansion of a nation’s transportation infrastructure is crucial to its economic growth, hence the number of kilometers of paved roads in a nation is frequently used as a gauge of that nation’s level of development. The effective development of the transportation road network not only lowers the cost of mobility, both financially and in terms of time but also aids in the integration of diverse areas within the nation and improves international understanding of neighboring nations.

Types of road network

Types of road network are also called road patterns.

  • Rectangular or Block Pattern
  • Star and Block Pattern
  • Star and Circular Pattern
  • Star and Grid Pattern
  • Hexagonal Pattern

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