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Quora Blockage In Pakistan – Quora Alternative

Quora blockage in Pakistan

Quora is a world-famous question/answer platform. Millions of people use this platform to gather knowledge and interact with others. I have spent around five years on Quora and was a source of inspiration for me. But now Quora is facing blockage in Pakistan.

Quora Blockage In Pakistan

Do I Support Quora blockage in Pakistan?

I always had issues with the algorithmic-bias of Quora programmers. And they follow the directions of their owners. It seemed like a propaganda machine to me.

Like every European media-outlet this platform is highly manipulative. There are so-called Pakistani diplomats, heavily manipulating the foreign image of Pakistan.

Since the platform runs on the rule of Might is Right. I always had to face penalties and algorithmic-threats from the platform administrations.

Similarly as i told that might is right, If you are speaking trash and sharing sexual content, you are the super-man. Favoring Pakistan or Islam can cost you massive popularity loss.

So yes I support this decision of the government of Pakistan.

A Single Manipulated News Have The Ability To Destroy Nations.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi

Who Are Not Happy With The Quora Blockage In Pakistan?

The victim card is the best tool to play-with on Quora. And I have observed that happens on Quora quite often.

I also have observed that fellow Indians make fake Pakistani profiles. I have filed several complains against them, but Quora algorithm is designed to earn money. They can’t afford to lose Indian users.

Secondly, the algorithm works on the rule of might is right. So, smaller countries cant defend their perspective and point of views.

Quora is heaven for Qadiyanis and other minorities who want to destroy the image of Pakistan. I am not talking about my fellow patriotic citizens from minorities. The reason for their hatred is justified as they see all Muslims as a threat to their existence.

As the United States operate Quora, I am sure the department of defense is spending millions on it. If not spending, it is earning massive information using this platform. So, they must be worrying with its blockage in Pakistan.

And those who are using it as a launching pad to launch propaganda.

Substitute of Quora After It’s Blockage in Pakistan?

It is a serious question to ask. As Quora is a platform with very few Pakistanis on it but still they are too many.

What is the substitute of Quora in Pakistan? As this move can make users search for a substitute. The market for local forums is open now.

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  1. So anyone who criticizes Pakistan should be banned? I mean maybe we should change our name to North Korea?

    I have been on Quora for years and I have always favored Pakistan and I have never faced problems with speaking up for Pakistan.

    Closing your ears, or rather having the government force your ears closed for things they dont want you to hear is oppression! We are going down a very dangerous path, and if this is the “New Pakistan”, then I want no part of it!

  2. National security is necessary. As we don’t have enough resources to launch a same scale propaganda. The best way is to stop it from operating.

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