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Eighteen Islamabad is a real-state business initiative. This blog I humbly present for my readers from the twin cities and isn’t any paid promotion. I love to write! and raise concerns that may help my readers in any form.

I base my claims on research. However, I am attaching for your kind feed the research journals at the bottom of this article. You can know more about me here.

People of twin cities do not like the apartment lifestyle. Flat-style living is nowhere in our genes. We love a happy, independent, private lifestyle. 

Abdullah Ali Abbasi

The project Eighteen Islamabad, is located in a considerably remote area of the twin cities, aiming to provide an elitist living experience. However, it is difficult to say if it can be any near to that big vision. I doubt the credibility of any investments made in that area.

The head office of the housing scheme is in the blue area Islamabad, and the society is in a dubiously remote area.It is doubtful, the territorial demarcation of the area. It is said that it is in the Rawalpindi. Whereas, the Logo, brand-name, and perception suggest that it’s in Islamabad.

Nothing is impossible in Pakistan, with a single amendment or changing in the documents the land can be claimed, Islamabad’s lost-land-found near Rawalpindi, lol.

Does 18-Holes Golf Course Really Worth It?

I doubt like any other fellow citizen, that businessman does not bother about anything, they want to make money and by compromising integrity.

Why are they leaving such a great piece of land for no apparent reason. Is it golf? I seriously doubt.

It is important to mention that any organization can manage to waste expensive property when it isn’t or is over-rated.


Eighteen Islamabad
Toxic Living

What are my concerns about Eighteen?

I have dealt with the development and sale of land, apartments, and villas in the twin cities. And I know the problems people are facing in towns actually outside the city. The developers develop these societies after the involvement of influential personalities. And they sell them off to foreigners or expatriates.

  • I doubt the quality of construction and the material used.
  • I keep concerns about its location and promised lifestyle.
  • In a country where a person can claim to run an engine on water, we can expect anything.
  • Want to know if the investment is safe in this remote area.
  • Apart from the motorway entrance, it’s entrance is from the congested area heading from Chakri, and Dhamyal-camp.
  • Why this project is expensive as compared to other real-estate projects in the area?
  • What about the corporate life that Islamabad has to offer. As there are no clear choices available to the residents.
  • What about the resale value? As the market is very uncertain.

Is Your Investment Safe at Eighteen Islamabad?

It is premature to claim that this project is worthy of handling investments.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi

In the vicinity, other societies are offering comparatively low price plots. They are also offering regulated separate and freedom-styled living.

So, how can we be that much confident about an area with a lot of competitors? It’s not that worthy as portrayed.

Is Eighteen Islamabad World Class?

Eighteen Islamabad does not qualify even to stand parallel to the living quality that Islamabad offers, leave aside the global level. However, Eighteen Islamabad appears better as compared to the local market.

Today the world needs to live at peace. Due to the money hunting unethical business tactics, humans are suffering. Noise pollution also contributes to depression and medical ailments. Congested living gives rise to many environmental and surrounding related concerns.

Eighteen Islamabad is near the new International Islamabad airport. It reduces the age of the construction due to continuous vibrations. Apart from increased pollution, it also restricts one from enjoying the calmness due to busy flight schedules.

I am attaching this scholarly article for the readers, from Investopedia., BBC News and Nhs.uk.

Dead Investment

Eighteen Islamabad FAQ’s

Who is behind Eighteen Islamabad project?

Ora developers and Saif group are behind this.

Is there any foreign investor involved?

Yes, an Egyptian billionaire is said to investing in the project.

Eighteen Islamabad location?

Islamabad Motorways Link Rd, Sector H Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Is it Located at Kashmir highway?

No, It is not located in Islamabad. It needs verification, however. Because according to my knowledge from reliable sources, its located outside Islamabad.

Any easy Installments Plan for villas at Eighteen Islamabad?

No installments are available. No 5 Marla villa is available. Starting from 10 Marla to 1 or 2 kanal.

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