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MTJ is an acronym used for the Famous Pakistani scholar, preacher, and reformist, Maulana Tariq Jameel. It is unknown who brought this acronym forward. But, likely, the fans of MTJ are behind this. Most MTJ fans are usually college and university students. The charismatic personality of Maulana Tariq Jameel got wide publicity that grew with each passing day throughout the decades of his career. 

Maulana Tariq Jameel is a well-known scholar and speaker on Islamic topics, best known for his televised lectures. He has been a leading voice of Tablighi Jamaat for a long time. He speaks with full zeal and zest on the problems prevailing in a Muslim society like a moral dilemma, cultural misogyny, domestic violence, familial system breakage, failing judicial system, underperforming educational system, human rights, women rights, parents rights, Child Protection, Economic equality, Animal rights, Economic disparity, and the list goes on and on.

Unlike most scholars today whose audience is widely religious, MTJ speaks politely with greater fluency and clarity to reach out to a broader audience around the world. His lectures are widely appreciated in Urdu-speaking countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Urdu-speaking community around the globe. It is essential to bring the different aspects of the life of MTJ to light.

MTJ on Peace
MTJ on Peace

Views of Maulana Tariq Jameel aka MTJ on Monotheism

Maulana Tariq Jameel was pursuing his career as a student to become a medical doctor like his brother. He got admission to one of the prestigious colleges of medical sciences named King Edward Medical University. However, things changed, and he planned to learn Islamic theology. He got admitted to a School of Theology and Excellency Education in Riwend.

MTJ belongs to the Deobandi school of thought. The Deobandi School of thought is lead by a section of Islamic theologians who follow the traditions of Sunni Islam leading back to the times of Prophet Mohammed (saw). And Sunni Islam believes in a strict interpretation of the oneness of God. Therefore, the views of MTJ are highly influenced by Islamic Monotheism, as exemplified by their speeches and public addresses.

MTJ on Monotheism
MTJ on Monotheism

MTJ on Human Rights

MTJ is the only human rights activist in Pakistan with such a wider audience. He preaches to improve the mutual relationship as humans, irrespective of faith, color, social status, wealth, or any materialistic approach. The style of preaching and approach is continuous, and it works like a therapy that helps people psychologically tune themselves. And the number of people attached to his reformist agenda is growing with each passing day. The most important outcome of the efforts of Tablighi Jamat Institution, MTJ is a part of whom, is that they are attracting people from various social backgrounds.

Although it is not the policy of the reformist institution i-e Tablighi Jamaat to meet famous personalities and any government official, in the case of MTJ, the results have been fruitful. The former policy on the matter was an outcome of various elements. There are hazards involved like earning reputation for personal benefits, improving fan-base, and sometimes awarding undue favor to political or military giants on matters that might malign the soul purpose of the Tablighi Jamaat Institution. And it had been a normal attitude of religious preachers of Islam to stay away from the people that are in governments.

MTJ on Human Rights
MTJ on Human Rights

MTJ on Women Rights.

MTJ has played a decisive role in promoting the rights of women in a country of 210 million people. The strong familial system of Pakistan is exemplary, but it has embraced the influence of Hindu culture due to a large number of converts. However, the reverted community of the region has always showed its willingness to improve the practice of the religion and denouncing anything that is anti-Islamic.

MTJ on Women Rights
MTJ on Women Rights

Islam has a code of life with obligations that are meant to be followed by every adherent of the faith. Islam never allows purchasing or adopting a human-made thinking style by subjugating and abrogating the divine laws. Therefore, buying the European agendas of fake freedom or precisely freedom from religion and morality is not an option. The definition of freedom is different and takes into account the freedom of everybody instead of policymakers.

MTJ on Women Rights

MTJ talks about the right of education to women. He also told people that dowry is not an Islamic tradition. MTJ talks about the rights of girls in heirship. He repeatedly preached the importance of understanding, love, and compassion among the spouses. The importance of healthy communication that promotes happiness and respect is all that he preaches in almost every second lecture of his. He has been a vocal advocate against all types of domestic violence and persecution of the weaker. And with his active fan base, things are changing for the good.

Women Rights in Islam and Problems.

MTJ on Freedom of Expression

Islam is an advocate of freedom of expression. And in fact, it promoted the culture of freedom of expression by marking it a religious obligation to stay sharp, vigilant, and expressive even in front of a tyrannous dictator, if and only if the dictator deviates from the truth and Islamic teachings. The times when Prophet Mohammed (saw) made everyone his companion irrespective of their social status, racial features, language, and wealth, were the time of Jahiliya “dark ages.” Commoners had the capability of holding the powerful accountable in front of everybody.

The leaders were the ones who preached good values. And they had to stand by their words. The distance between the house of lords (worldly and for the time being) and people is at its peak during these modern times of accelerated communications. But anyone could enter the power-houses or legislative chambers in those days of early Islam. And they had the power of asking questions, demanding rights, opening debate on the usage of funds and foreign policies. Once a Jew stood against caliph Umar and told him to clarify on him wearing a new suit. The caliph responded and gave justification that his son donated his piece of cloth to him.

MTJ on Freedom of Expression
MTJ on Freedom of Expression

However, freedom of expression at the cost of maligning and ridiculing others without any evidence provable in the court of law is unlawful. It is also not allowed to observe freedom in a way that hurts the freedom of others. No civilization on the earth can promote crime in the salutation of freedom of expression and actions. MTJ is a person who endorses all such ideas of freedom and expression that do not violate the notion of personal spaces and feelings.

MTJ on Judicial System

The judicial system serves as the backbone of every civilized nation. A nation cannot move forward with injustice prevailing and promoting hatred, insecurities, and lacking progress. Pakistan is not an exception in this world of growing injustice where wars are waged to earn profits, and countries are invaded to massacre and eradicate theologies. MTJ keeps an account of matters of national interest and keeps highlighting the importance of an efficient judiciary. The underperforming judicial system has made the country suffer for decades.

The judicial system that Muslims glorify is constituted and documented in the form of Shariah Law. The laws are strict to ensure peace, stability, and equality, and Shariah Law has been in action for centuries. Even in the era of Muslims with a leading role in the world. It is a well-known fact that the Islamic Shariah was the only judicial system during European Dark Ages that provided justice with equality. Even at times of these modern ages, the judicial system i-e, Shariah-Law, is comprehensive.

MTJ on Judicial System

It is essential to understand that flexible laws that embrace changes with the intervention of the powerful are fatal. The weaker laws, and when enforced, can’t bring a decisive change are useless and instead encourage criminals. When we allow certain people to change the laws, and in the scenario where people win elections with the help of corporations like in the US and everywhere else, we allow people to make the judiciary a business tool.

However, the discussion on Islamic law is complex, time-consuming, and an entire library of discussion. Keeping long talk short, MTJ plays an essential role in preaching the need for reforms in the judicial system.

MTJ on Judicial System
MTJ on Judicial System

MTJ on Educational System

The importance of technology in our life and education is undeniable. A system can only be categorized as an educational system if it nurtures the spiritual and humanitarian aspects of the students. Islam does not consider any information as “ilm” or education, but the education that induces faith, morality, humanity, and service to the people.

MTJ - Maulana Tariq Jameel 1

Information that only helps to make money is not a comprehensive educational package. MTJ has always advocated the idea of promoting disposition, temper, ethics, morals, and manners alongside money-making techniques. Therefore, his speeches calling for the revision of the national curriculum has lead to the formation of modern institutions like Baitus-Salam, and considerable reforms in the education sector.

It is a popular point of view that his closeness and open debate on improvement in the educational sector drew the attention of policy-makers for the very first time in history.

MTJ on Educational System

MTJ on Spirituality and Self-Consciousness.

Humans have an undeniable genetically engineered urge for spirituality and self-consciousness. A majority of the world’s population acknowledges the importance of religion and spirituality. No power on earth can ensure long-lasting peace, harmony, racial equality, kindness, and other attributes that cannot be governed or enforced. And only religion and spiritual enlightenment have the capability of transforming a human into a positive being, sensible, intelligent, non-materialistic, and self-sacrificing.

MTJ talks about spirituality in most of his lectures. MTJ emphasizes growing closer to God, understanding the purpose of life, self-awareness, and etiquettes. Life is a test from God to judge people if they turn towards or away from God. No philosophy of life can express the purpose of life except the Islamic philosophy of life. Otherwise, life appears a joke to some people and enjoyment to others, while few consider it a punishment for the sin of Adam. Islam beautifies the purpose of life, and MTJ delivers the Islamic point of view with full zeal and zest.

MTJ on Spirituality
MTJ on Spirituality

MTJ on Business and Services Industry

MTJ is a preacher and reformist holding a prominent place in Urdu-speaking communities around the globe. He pays attenti0on to the growing economic disparity due to interest-based economic policies. It is a well-known fact that interest seldom helps anyone in need. Therefore, Islam considers it unlawful to deal in interest. He encourages participating in business and innovating new products for the benefit of humans but discourages the idea of exploiting people with interest-based business models.

He also points out the inhumane commission system in various fields like the Medical, Food, and Educational sectors. Islam discourages any illegal profiting in the businesses or services that impact the lives of humans. And making money by exploiting the ignorance of people induces cruelty and lack of empathy. Therefore, MTJ emphasizes not to make a profit by exploiting people. He discourages using shady tactics and the sale of unnecessary services or products.

MTJ on Business and Services Industry
MTJ on Business and Services Industry

MTJ on Moral Dilemma

Pakistan is one of the most conservative societies on earth. And is the only country that got independence in the name of Islam, and the uprisings for freedom were highly influenced by the Islamic sentiment. These were the speeches of Quaid-a-Azam, Objective Resolution, and hundreds of events that grew pressure on the colonials to accept the calls for partition. Else, it would have gotten graver for anybody to control the situation and resilience of Muslims of the sub-continents that ruled entire India for centuries with justice, passion, and prosperity for all.

In such a conservative society like Pakistan, a majority follows the religion strictly or moderately. And the growing moral dilemma is evolving into mental torture. These tactics are used to suppress a nation’s voice by enslaving them mentally using technological advancement, influence, paid media, and loyalists of the alternative agenda.

It is a fact that there are morally corrupt people in every society, and Pakistan is not an exception. But the usage of such sections of society to broadcast their feeds 24/7 more or less appears as a governmental policy. And it makes one think that government wants to engage people on these grounds of a never-ending debate. And it buys the governments enough time to prolong their tyranny, injustice, poor performance, and bigotry.

We see a minority holding all the broadcasting hours and prime times. And the feed these channels produce doesn’t represent the majority. Although the number of people imitating these media celebrities is increasing due to their 24/7 personal glorification and brainwashing, even after 70 years of independence, they are a small section of society. However, I want to draw your attention to human rights violations and democracy.

MTJ on Moral Dilemma
MTJ on Moral Dilemma

The media streams flood with content captured, promoted, and endorsed by a minority for a majority with whom they have nothing in common. And government’s silence on the matter makes it appear a governmental policy. PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic and Media Regulatory Authority) is just an addition to the list of useless national assets and ghost institutions.

However, as soon as MTJ spoke publicly about the moral dilemma and similar problems, the minority whose benefits were at stake and profit from prostitution, drugs, and immorality started marking their protest as a “public outrage” against MTJ. And Hard Hour Panel confirms during their investigative journalism that these immoral sections of society used all the media outlets they own and are foreign-funded.

How media outlets make money?

Hard Hour Panel decided to cover it under the moral dilemma section to endorse the above-stated point of view. The ways media outlets make money needs them to run for ratings. It is acceptable, but not at the cost of moral deterioration.

  • Any Controversy Suits Media Outlets
    • There are hundreds of private channels, and with the advent of social media outlets, the challenges for media outlets are growing. Due to monopoly and nonobservance of merit while employing or deploying people on media, the quality of content and marketing techniques are growing cheaper. It is not possible for such media outlets to create engaging content, therefore, they rely on creating controversial content for engagements.
    • The controversy suits every marketing agency to gain attention, and so does the sellers.
      • So, if there is nudity, it benefits them.
      • If there are drugs, it profits them (VELO)
      • If there is a taboo topic, it profits them.
      • If there are lies, quarrels, and disputes -media profits from it.
  • They sell movies, immoral-music, and social media campaigns to make profit in direct and in-direct profits.
  • They sell the NEWS and the cases of the corruption of media streamers are famously known.
  • They sell everything! And are the beneficiary of promoting foreign agendas of Western-Freedom.

MTJ is not just preaching but taking actions

MTJ takes action
MTJ takes action

MTJ is not only a preacher but an action-taker. He has been participating in the journeys of Tablighi Jamat even before he started preaching the message of God and the Prophetic Way of living. He has initiated several ventures that represent his reformist ideology and philanthropy. We have covered some events associated with his recent business venture, but several praiseworthy events embark impressions on the goodness of his beautiful soul.

 MTJ is an action-taker.
MTJ is an action-taker.

Let’s talk about the ventures he has launched successfully recently or is already working on previously.

  • Al-Hasanain (Schools of Islamic Theology)
  • Meem Schools (Schools of materialistic education)
  • MTJ Foundation (A trust for human development and empowerment)
  • MTJ Brand (A brand to fund all the above listed ventures)

Al HasanainSchools of excellency Studies and Theology: It is a school of Islamic theology, Islamic Law, Jurisprudence, Human Rights, Spiritual Theology, Laws of Co-existence, Gender Studies, and other subjects that Islamic Faith and Muslim Scientists, Theologians, Artists, Lawyers, and Educated people had compiled over centuries. These laws include rich resources on Battlefield Tactics, Morality, Peace Pacts, and the art of Peace. There are accounts on human psychology, secrets of debate, personality building, and several other areas of Logic and Exploration of the universe, life, biology, anatomy, and chemistry. These schools are a kind of their own. And have a vast impact on the morality and enlightenment of the students. 

Al-Hasanain Islamic Institute is the brainchild of Molana Tariq Jamil nurturing moral and education needs. The institute offers a six-year multi-disciplinary Alimiyyah Programme that comprises of Arabic, Shari’ah and intense study of Qur’an and Hadith

Al Hasanain – Schools of Islamic Theology and Excellency Education

Meem, Schools of Materialistic Advancement: Materialistic advancement guided by Islamic theology for the benefit of humans is a worship, and endorsed by Islamic Faith. The improvement in medical sciences, and tools to enforce justice and accountability, in the areas of human development creates ease for people of every faith, caste, color and creed.

MTJ Foundation: MTJ provides services in health, education and community building to any person in need. The foundation is another action that MTJ took for the benefit of humans and the happiness of Almighty God.

MTJ Brand is another project by the reformist. He is aiming to promote his philanthropy works through this business. Read more about MTJ brand in our editorial. MTJ clothing brand Pakistan offers a wide range of clothes. MTJ Clothing Brand Website is mtjonline.com

Is Tariq Jameel Sunni or Shia?

Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jameel is a Sunni and follows the Deobandi school of thought that adheres to the faith of Prophet Mohammed (saw) and all his companions. He strongly condemns any innovation in Islam.

What is date of birth of Maulana Tariq Jameel?

October 1, 1953 (age 67 years)

What is Tariq Jameel business?

Maulana Tariq Jameel inherits agricultural land from his landlord forefathers. He earns nothing from his speeches, and any other business like MTJ Brand, or any other projects like Al-Hasanain, MTJ Foundation, and Meem Schools.

Tariq Jameel Net Worth.

The Net Worth of Maulana Tariq Jameel is unknown. He belongs to a rich family. However, he makes no money from his lectures, televised programs, media appearance, and any other public interactions.

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