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Abdullah Ali Abbasi
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MTJ Clothing brand is witnessing a massive positive public response. The fashion industry is lucrative, dominated by monopoly players, and I expect that the entry of the MTJ Clothing brand will bring positive changes. We have seen the fashion industry is trendsetting when it comes to ideas, introduction and import of a foreign culture.

Since the birth of Pakistan, the fashion industry has been using grey-area tactics to improve sales. The semi-dead fashion models walk on the ramp to impress homemakers and working ladies of a religious country aiming to follow the eastern values. The life presented over the ramp walk is abnormal, alcoholic, abusive, and at service for the highest paying bidder.

MTJ Clothing Brand should be trendsetting

How MTJ Clothing Can Reshape the Future?

Everybody wants to look adorable, calm, and trendy. Clothing is one of the best possible expressions for gaining more human attraction and prestige. The majority of the people are not leaders and trendsetters. People find their point of interest and satisfaction outside their personality, and it’s mainly due to a lack of self-reliance, realization, and self-esteem.

Everybody needs to feel the power to stay ahead, which should not lead them to find role models outside the country, culture, and faith. There should be true national heroes, there are, but they seldom gain the spotlight. Media plays a vital role in harmonizing any ideology. When it comes to Pakistan’s happiness index from the media industry, it’s absurd.

I am not talking about the fake polls tailored to gather information from a minority but the real prevailing public sentiments. MTJ Clothing can play its role in restructuring national pride and affection.

MTJ Clothing Brand and Fashion Industry.

MTJ Clothing Brand should reach the epitome of the fashion industry for goodness. Actors in the fashion industry lack the necessary education. I am not humiliating them, but they don’t appear mentally sound to choose what’s best or not for their personality and the impact of their actions on society.
The majority of media house owners are also illiterate or purely commercial to the point of negating modesty, culture, and values. MTJ Clothing Brand should fix this issue by representing the culture and creed of the majority of Pakistanis. The only ideas and culture worthy of promotion must be the ones that resonate with the life of the people of Pakistan and not the bordellos. I don’t want to discuss controversial topics, but the reality speaks aloud.

MTJ Clothing Brand – Another Perspective.

How MTJ Clothing Can regulate the Market?

There is a dire need to introduce a fair pricing mechanism in the clothing industry. It is also the need of the hour to bring good values and quality. I expect that MTJ Clothing Brand will bring positive changes to the clothing industry. Pakistan needs to regulate the clothing industry as it will open doors of improvement in the exports and economy of Pakistan

Pakistan is exporting excellent quality clothing raw material to several countries in the form of cotton. The country can improve manufacturing and dying techniques by trading on incubators locally where expectations aren’t too high. However, the excellence, revenue, and experience gain can elevate the venture in every possible dimension. 

The government of Pakistan is trying to regulate the business sector of Pakistan but is not very successful due to various reasons. In most cases, business owners are not helping the government, and in other cases, corrupt officers are opposing the change. A business with the right mindset that is not habitual to plunder and evade taxes can regulate the market and bring insights for policymakers.


Businesses bring change. People in business write the fate of a country. Pakistan needs more companies like MTJ Clothing or MTJ Brand. The philosophy of the MTJ Brand can bring change for the people of Pakistan. The government will be able to harmonize the masses and make them feel powerful the national way. 

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MTJ Clothing Brand – The Right Perspective with Luxury

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