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Earlier this year, famous scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel announced that he is opening his clothing brand – the MTJ Brand. The whole country turned into a debating society, and people kept expressing their views about the opening of the MTJ brand. Today, we will discuss the MTJ Brand and the whole story connected to this brand. Read about the philosophy behind the opening of this brand.

Why MTJ Brand?

This was the number one question people asked about the brand on the internet and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Why Maulana Tariq Jameel is opening his brand, and what is the purpose of opening this brand? Maulana took the questions, objections, and allegations seriously and brought forward his answers to the public. MTJ Clothing Brand – the right perspective.

Maulana told people that he has been serving the purpose of educating people. He is educating people for more than three decades about the “purpose of life,” “the importance of religion“, and “human rights.” He also reminded people about his virtue of not earning a penny out of all this fame and services throughout his career.

And whenever a person serves the interests of the public, he is rewarded by the public for his service, and it’s the natural inclination of human nature. He took the clarification a little further and described the whole objective of his brand opening. He tried to make people understand that after all the efforts he has been putting into the service of people and earning fame out of it, he wants to take it one step further.

MTJ Brand.

The Story Of MTJ Brand.

The idea of Maulana makes sense, he wants to serve his mission of educating Pakistan. He wants to make an ecosystem to make the mission ongoing even after his demise. The ecosystem comprises a whole bunch of rational ideas. Let’s discuss those ideas one by one.

Maulana thinks MTJ Brand is going to fuel his educational and reformist agenda. Here it is worthy of mentioning that Maulana is helping the state in eradicating poverty and hunger. Maulana has already built his foundation named MTJ Foundation to remove poverty. Anyways, the earning of MTJ Brand is not for his personal use but the MTJ Foundation. The agenda of promoting peace and negating violence is the greatest need of the hour. He has been serving the purpose of establishing peace, in the most effective possible way.

Maulana Tariq Jameel is the founding member of the Meem Schooling Project and Al Hasanain Schools of Excellency studies. His excellency Maulana Tariq Jameel also took criticism on him on various occasions when the public sentiment was high and could have converted into a civil war. He also received a presidential award for his services to the country. Therefore, the sequence of happenings well endorses the honesty and integrity of this person.

The first good step taken by him was launching the brand and declaring it publicly. The second wise step is the public announcement on the usage of funds generated by MTJ Brand. The third applaudable step is erasing the stamp of public-funds reliability of the theological education.

MTJ Brand Store Opening Ceremony

Public Funds Reliability of Theological Education.

This has never been this way throughout the history of Islam that students had to rely on the funding. The students used to conduct their daily duties while they were getting an education in theology. However, with the fall of the Islamic government, things changed. The burden of all the public welfare ventures was to be bear by the custodians of the theology. Hence, in the absence of tax collection and isgeneration by trading and everything, it was the only option to keep get going.

The Islamic governments are legally liable to take taxes from the public only to improve their lives and decrease the racial and economic disparity. They can spend the funds on education, health, public awareness, security, research, and similar projects that may include clothing, housing, and food provision services.

In the light of the historical events under observation, researchers believe that this notion of public-funds reliance for theological education should have been addressed earlier. However, it’s never too late to start.

The products of MTJ Online.

According to our market research, we have found that MTJ Brand is offering a variety of products. They have set a complete online store – MTJ Online, and we can find a variety of clothing.

The list of product categories are:

  • Unstitched Cloths.
    • 2-Piece Clothing.
    • 3-Piece Clothing.
  • Stitched Cloths.
  • Men Clothing.
    • Kameez Shalwar.
    • Kurta.
    • Waist Coat.
  • Footwear.
    • Peshawari.
    • Shoes.
  • Fragrances.
    • Men Fragrance.
    • Women Fragrance.

Our Take On MTJ Brand

After all, everyone on the internet making content and getting famous is trying to convert that interest of people into some real trading economics. And earning some real cash due to fame is a general human phenomenon. The matter is important here as the case of Maulana Tariq Jameel and MTJ Brand is very different. Hence, they are well addressing the difference. MTJ Brand is changing the perspective of the debate by giving all the benefits to the people of Pakistan.

Is MTJ Brand Selling Drawstring (Nara)?

MTJ Brand- Basic info you need to know about MTJ Brand. 1

There was a news circulating over the social media platforms about the expensiveness of drawstring (nara). However, MTJ brand’s representatives unequivocally denied the fake news.

In the fake news the cost of this product was 550Rs per piece.

What is MTJ brand?

Maulana Tariq Jameel, a famous educationist, reformist, and philanthropist initiated his new project for the benefit of public. His followers used this as a jargon and it turned as his second name on the internet. However, this time he used this name as his brand identity. In a nutshell MTJ Brand is a clothing brand.

MTJ Brand Franchise

MTJ Brand is currently not giving any franchises. It’s too early to give out franchises.

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MTJ Brand- Basic info you need to know about MTJ Brand.

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