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The law of polarity is one of my favorite laws with several areas of implementation in our lives. If a person understands this law, he’ll pretty much realize that all of the failures were just learning experiences and there is no reason to hold back such experiences making them a source of weakness. Your so-called “failures” in life were meant to give you more wisdom, awareness, and understanding to achieve something bigger and better than your initial intention. So, it is always better to stay upright, strengthen the grip over matters, and never hold back.

Polarity is a concept of dealing with multiple dimensions of reality which includes alternate realities, precisely. A polar personality that has the capability of dealing with varying ideas is thought to be a relatively strong personality. And there is no onw born with such personality or traits, but someone who always had the will to accept the realities of life, and prove himself as a part of reality. The law of polarity here encompases the fact of dealing with the world and rules governing it in a whole new way without losing the grip over matters.

Law of Polarity
Law of Polarity

We previously discussed about becoming a part of reality, so it is a swift action of acting and disrupting the norm and carving a place for ones self on the horizons of established realities. Understanding the law of “opposites” is going to make you unstoppable. You’ll realize that your failures contain the seeds of success and your accomplishments contain the seeds of failure. The choice is entirely yours, start abruptly, there is no slow start, it is either a start, or no start. Either you are a change or you are nothing but a footprint of the grim reaper stamping the death over the face of everyone.

Thomas Edison failed 999 times when he was creating the light bulb. During an interview, someone asked him what it felt like failing that many times. Edison, who was very aware of the laws of the universe, replied, “I did not fail—I just learned 999 ways on how not to make a light bulb.”

Edison understood the law of opposites, also known as the law of polarity. He knew that every failure contained the seed of success. Because he had that awareness, he was able to create the light bulb, along with many other inventions.

You become unstoppable and the sole creator of your life when you harness the power of polarity. Everything in this universe has its opposite. The light could not exist if there weren’t darkness. Hot can’t live without cold. There could be no peace without hatred. Prosperity doesn’t exist without poverty. Male cannot exist (or endure) without females. That’s polarity, the law of opposites.

This universe is set up for abundance and prosperity. It’s our natural birthright to have health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, peace, love, joy, etc. However, since we live in the third dimension or the physical plane, our natural birthrights must contain their opposite.
For the human race to exist successfully, there must be males and females.

If all the males in this universe were gone, disappeared, or non-existent, then soon enough, all the females would die off and become un-existent because reproduction would come to a halt. Everything has its opposite, and everything already exists in your life. Changing failure into success is achieved by finding good things about your situation. And accepting the failure with full zeal and zest, investing into understanding the causes of the fiasco and pushing back with full force.

This involves focusing on the goodness in your life and what you want to attract and become in the future. Death can cease you from existence, but not what you do and leave as a legacy will ever cease to exist. We know big names as Mohammed Ali, who never stepped back and made it to the top from a humble background. Human beings were created with free will or the ability to choose.

To think whatever you want to believe means truth, regardless of appearances. Walt Disney went bankrupt over seven times before he made Disney Land. Donald Trump went bankrupt and then, four years later, earned back his billions. Henry Ford didn’t even graduate high school. Learn and carve out your reality by working on your polar self following law of polarity which can bring miraculous changes to your life.

Law of Polarity
Law of Polarity

Law of polarity manifestation

Always remember, the fame, courage, and everything you own belongs to you and you alone. You cannot transfer it to your offsprings and no one does. A rich only transfers the wealth and not that courage. If the mentality and courage must be transfered, it is through the same process that involves everything that made you what you are today, or a successful person what he or she is today. Bob Proctor didn’t graduate high school. Albert Einstein couldn’t read until the age of seven. Colonel Sanders lived in his car for two years before KFC succeeded, and he was in his sixties!

Never ever think that french fries are something that potatoes inherit. A potato from the same country can reach a same market, than it struggles to reach a certain company, and than one day finds itself on the shelf of MacDonald’s or on the plate of a King. It gets through a tiresome process to yield a great taste, the boiling, the crushing, the frying, the spicing, and what not…. Everytime, it gets through the same process. This is just am example find these patterns and I call them the “patterns of system.” More on this in my upcoming writings.

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