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Financial Murder Of Engineers And Silence Of Pakistan Engineering Council


Pakistan Engineering Council is an engineering regulatory body. The purpose of the formation of Council was to ensure the provision of rights to the people belonging to the engineering profession. But the council is doing everything except the provision of facilities and rights to the engineers of this country.

Council has failed to provide the engineers with their rights. For which they charge very heavy fees apart from engulfing heavy governmental funds and other benefits.

Council always marginalizes and neglects Engineers who work hard for the progress of Pakistan.  Because they don’t want to see engineers in-power.


The attitude of the officials sitting inside the Pakistan engineering council offices is vulgar and unprofessional. Most of the time there are less than half officials available to solve the problems of engineers.

Others appear ghost employees or always at rest.


Apart from all these severely unfortunate and unprofessional crimes that Pakistan Engineering Council is silently and hypocritically involved in. 

The top of the listed crime is the

Financial Murder Of Engineers

The fees of engineering universities and Institutes are at a constant rise, making education out of reach and students more and more helpless. Students have to go through a lengthy process of paying educational bills from nursery classes till the Engineering Graduation. They pass many hurdles including quizzes, assignments, mid-terms, and terminal examinations. 

And after all this struggle fully loaded with hurdles, PEC adds shame to the injury as at most of the projects non-professionals are at lucrative posts. Can you imagine that multi-million rupees sites are operating without a single Engineer?

And if there happens something wrong on the field, there is no mechanism to record the verdict of the Engineers.


Real Estate Mafia And Their White-Collar Crime Partners

Every professional along with the Pakistan engineering council officeholders know that most of the Real Estate Mafia Tycoons are purchasing engineering licenses at very low cost without the provision of any job.

Till the date many groups of Engineers have tried to contact Pakistan engineering council for resolving this problem but they have done nothing so far.

Every time Pakistan engineering council ends up with the display of a notice on its sub-standard website pec.org.pk


Is Pakistan Engineering Council charging for No Jobs, No Rights, and a $600 engineering license sale to quacks?


If non-professionals have to work liberally, then this dummy council needs to shut its shop, Now!

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