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Female LUMS-Student Pursuing Her Case Against Punjab-Police

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Today we will share with you the story of a Law-Student from LUMS. Whereas, she is not an ordinary student. Her name is Wardah Noor, who stood against the departmental atrocities and stupidity of power-mongers of Punjab-Police acting like mobs. 

She is raising her voice against the brutality and non-professionalism of Punjab police. The same police which you may find, now and then, chanting slogans of safety-provision to the people of Pakistan. The same police about whom Prime-Minister Imran Khan once used to say that he will bring reforms in, as is very ill-mannered. But in Naya-Pakistan things are still shady and alarming, like always. 

LUMS Student And Punjab Police!

The Case Of A Brave Girl Against Coward Police Officer!

They were celebrating Independence Day of Pakistan at home which was also the third day of EID-Ul-Adha.
She kindled the bonfire at her home so she with her family may enjoy the good-night feast. But she found that they are running short of yogurt.
Traditional Pakistani foods are nothing without these sauces women make at home.

She asked her younger brother to leave home at the insurance of state departments who have the sole responsibility of defending and providing superior safety to the citizens. And also to whom the Constitution of Pakistan says guardians of the nation. But then things went off in the wrong dimension, like always expected.

The kid is now outside home assuming he is safe while in the presence of his constitutional-guardians. He is searching for the yogurt and for some reason he encounters Police. Whereas, the Police like always comes up with the same old stupid tactic of harassing and torturing the vulnerable. Maybe just for the sake of fun or psychological illiteracy, it floods their minds. Because of irreparable non-professionalism, they dealt with the minor, for which the system does not train them.

Extra-Judicial Act

The SHO Irfan and his company decorates their judiciary shop and concludes with the decree of punishment for the young guy. This behavior show-off the dependency of citizens on the mercy of these ignorant-barbarians. Police beat the crap out of him, dragged him off the road and threw in the police van.  

Later, they beat him for the second time, leaving him helpless, and with no documentation recorded, in favor of the plea taken. 

The Victim Of Police Culture
The Victim Of Police Culture

Now adding shame to the injury, the police denied the documentation of F.I.R against the illegal authoritarian, named Irfan seating at the designation of Station House Officer. 

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Later, when this law-student from LUMS went to the hospital for MLC. They denied her with her right and left unattended for the next many hours until she raised her voice using social media outlets.

Her university fellows stood behind her in this situation of need and against this state-run out-of-control department. But still, she is struggling for justice. And we all know this will last very long and can raise serious security concerns against the young law-student.

This pressure of the social media community will lead her path straightened to the achievement of justice. As it designs the Pakistani professional to work only under pressure of upper management, media houses or the influential ones. Moreover, they have no ethics of performing the promised duties following their self-respect.

While Talking To Hard Hour

While talking to hardhour.com, the law-student from LUMS showed her keen interest in raising the voice for the oppressed ones of this country, who have no strong political, military, or financial background. 

Police Culture And Provision Of Justice

It’s also worth mentioning that the Police-Culture of Pakistan, especially in remote areas, is jungle-type. Most of the time, the voices of the victims go unheard. And the stance of this lady has arisen the sentiments and the heartiest prayers of many oppressed ones. 

This Law-Student from LUMS can become a voice for oppressed just like the late Asma Jahangir.

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