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Dam Not Found – PTI Constantly Failing To Deliver

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Dam Construction can be termed as the political-promotional project. This project was launched by Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisaar. This project itself is surprising, as he had no authority of initiating such a project. Anyway, the project was launched before general elections. The source of funding for this project was charity.

The government spent millions on the promotion of the project. The state media company was also enthusiastically putting efforts into it. But with the time passing, the hurls and claims just got vanished.

Notably, 70-80% of Pakistanis have no access to pure drinking water. The biggest city of Pakistan has a famine-type water shortage.

Dam Not Found
Dam Not Found

Donations Received For Dam

The collection of funds was going right until now. There have been massive funds collections by the government in this regard.

Still, it’s premature to say if dam-project is completely out of the talk. However, there is no official statement on the matter. Whereas, in the shadow of previous mischievous behavior, this stunt can be well expected.

 KUMAIL YOUNIS 29,500,000
 ZEESHAN AHMED 15,000,000
 S ABBAS ASHARY, KSA 13,748,000
 ZAFAR SIDDIQI13,300,001

However, the state has no clue about how things are going. The institutions are sleepy.

It Appears Chaotic

The recent waywardness includes deletion of the dam-fund page altogether.

The state should work systematically to attain success. Pakistan has a lot of potential in every phase of life. The focus of the institutions should be the proper usage of resources and potential.

Like every other field and project of PTI government, It appears chaotic.

Dam Not Found
Dam Not Found

Why Dams Are Necessary

This project was controversial from the initial stage when the government conducted a preliminary survey. Pakistani scientists were debating on T.V channels with the pain of tax payer’s money wastage in the heart. They were educating the poor and uneducated ones that dams aren’t a solution. However, when it comes to commission making, the government neglects professional assessments.

Dr. Hassan Abbas is a water scientist and has already told not to build any dams. He believes in the free movement of water.

In the end, it appears that after the collection of charity, the government has decided to honor the verdict of professionals.

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