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Begging – Types – A Thorough Report With 9 Suggestions

It is begging, a social evil that is injected by the giants and is swallowing the society. Begging is to…

By Abdullah Ali Abbasi , in News , at November 16, 2019

It is begging, a social evil that is injected by the giants and is swallowing the society.

Begging is to ask someone for money, food as a charity. A beggar is a person who is unable to meet his/her basic human needs, including shelter and something to eat. A beggar is a person who earns 200 rupees daily. Begging nowadays has become an industry (mafia).

Street begging is gradually becoming a profession for 25% of the Pakistani population.

There are three types of begging

  • Professional
  • Child Involvement
  • Genuine
Begging - Types - A Thorough Report With 9 Suggestions 1

Professional Begging

Professional begging is a curse. Such beggars are tutored; they cry in front of you and ask for money in the name of humanity/religion. They sing “songs” to seek attention. They even read the verses and ask people to give them money in the name of Allah and for the sake of their parents. Most of them are quite healthy but pretend to be sick. They hide their body parts and pretend that they are a handicap.

Child Begging

It is the worse form of begging because children are the future of our nation, and they ask on the streets for their living. Child beggars are the main focus of mafia. Mafia kidnapped the children, or their parents are part of the mafia, and then they train them. They burn their bodies with acids and cigarettes, so they may look more pitiful and get more money. These child beggars give cash daily to the mafia, and at the end of the day, they earn nothing but 5-10 rupees. The mob works as a team, and they keep an eye on all the beggars. All the beggars have to report to the leaders at the end of the day. And just like any sophisticated profession, they follow the protocol of information and funds delivery. They have a proper hierarchy.

Genuine Begging

Begging due to circumstantial financial deprivation is rare. These are the beggars who have no choice but to begging to fulfill their needs. In good begging, some older adults are unable to work and widow. They humbly ask for money without giving people the sake of anyone and beg for money because of their needs.

Begging In Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is almost 25% of its population living as multidimensional poverty leading them to ask on streets. Asking has now become a profession rather than a need. It is the most humiliating way of earning money. One has to have a very high level of tolerance and have no ego to tolerate abusive behavior. We humiliate many beggars a day. A mafia controls them all. They find it easy to beg rather than to earn.

The ratio of begging is multiplying at a rapid rate. Beggars find it very easy to earn money without work. People encounter beggars on green signals, footpaths, streets, etc. They move in the form of a group, and if a person gives money to one beggar, suddenly, all the group members gathered around him and asked for money.

Beggars are mostly in the main urban cities and central areas of these cities. They run markets of beggary in every town called mandi, where they gathered around from all over the cities when there are Urs, mela like in Bari Iman, Data Darbar, etc. As it is organized crime, they do deals in that mandi and assigned their tasks and areas where they beg.

Begging culture is not as simple as it seems like, now there is a whole mafia and series of crimes is also related to it.

According to the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau39,270 poor and neglected children have been facilitated by the Bureau in six years. No doubt, the professional beggars here in Pakistan are begging with their own choice, and they are the real culprits, but child beggars in the city are not choosers, and they beg involuntarily. According to the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) research in Pakistan, there are 1.2 million children on the streets on Pakistan’s major cities and urban centers. 


Eight years
No education
Reason for begging:
The number of siblings:
Mother’s occupation:
Father’s occupation:
Plans: Want to become a doctor

All the people carry dreams for them, but unfortunately, they are ignored and left on the streets.

What begging does to our society? 

It is increasing day by day, and the mafia is exploiting the little ones.

The young generation is moving towards the profession of begging, and it has risen the business of mafia. Mafia has developed markets with money from the beggars, and they have become giants of society. The number of beggars has now increased to a great extent.

If the police arrest these beggars, they got bailed. The higher authorities the courts of Pakistan do not consider it as a crime, and they do not take any severe action against them.

Children are the future of our society, and mostly baggers are under ten years. They are left uneducated and are forced to beg for their living.

Begging is the curse for the society, and it has created a poor image of Pakistan all over the world.

The mafia of begging is getting stronger day by day, and no one is taking notice on it, and even no one dares to stop them.

We, as a member of this society, are equally responsible for the little ones on the streets.


  • The government should take notice of all the activities of mafia and trial them in the court of law.
  • Begging should be banned strictly, and the government should provide the necessities to the needy ones such as a job in the first place then shelter so they can live under the shelter and work to earn money for living.
  • We should enforce the law on the issue of begging, as its a crime.
  • The government should initiate the programs of the provision of free education for sick children for their secure future.
  • Zakat (Charity) funds should be used properly.
  • Many committees should be developed on the local level for the needs of the poor.
  • Strict action against the parents of the child beggars 
  • The giants of mafia should be arrested.
  • The government should initiate rehabilitation programs for the drug addict beggars. 



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