Badri 313 – A Comprehensive Report

Badri 313 is Afghanistan’s Special Combat Force. This Taliban Version 2.0 force is as modernly equipped as any other military in the world. Badri 313 is better trained and meant to defend the borders of the country for the time to come. However, the interesting thing about the force is their different look and attire. International Media always gave an unimpressed look to the freedom fighters of the Taliban for their simplicity, and humbleness. But this Badri 313 unit has a modern look as any 21st-century military. Swag, Savvy, and Lethal commandoes of Badri 313 can diffuse any threatening situation, eradicate foreign invasion, and stand like a man against any military coalition.

Badri 313

The Badri 313 are the fighter famous by the name of “Red Unit,” and their competence, professionalism, and devotion are facts that the US and coalition forces have witnessed. There is a possibility that these two forces are different commanding units, but they are a part of Taliban forces. And they are emerging in publicity at the time of the Rise Of Kabul. Everyone wanted to see, who these people are behind the fall of invading forces.

badri 313 battalion
badri 313 battalion

Historical Importance of the name Badri 313

In the battle of Badar, Prophet Muhammad (saw) was attacked by a mighty, well-equipped army of 1000+ militants and archers. Prophet Muhammad (saw) faced them with a smaller army of 313 people with less swords, and no arrows or archers at all. With the help of Almighty God, Muslims won that battle and many other upcoming battles including battles against Roman Empire, and Sassanid Empire.

Badri 313 Training

Badri 313 training videos are viral on social media networks. They came to the limelight after a TRT news reporter projected their camera towards them during the Rise of Kabul. Sorbonne University Professor Gilles Dorronsoro, an expert on Afghanistan-Matters, said the emergence of the new Taliban commandoes was part of the package that the Taliban gave to the world emerging as victors.

“We’ve seen a remarkable professionalization of the Taliban since the middle of the 2000s.”

Gilles Dorronsoro

Taliban 2.0 have trained their military to cope with the changing regional security concerns. And their tactical capacity has grown with the confiscated military gadgets, ammunition, and an entire gear that the US lost during the war. People who have lost the war call this military gear “looted,” but it is “confiscated.” Taliban 2.0 initially fought using Ak-47 or Kalashnikovs. These Kalashnikovs were confiscated during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan at the time of Afghan Mujahideen. But the war against the US had to have much more than old Kalashnikovs to win, and they evolved with time.

Taliban can domestically produce excellent quality firearms, and their firearms are globally available in the black market due to US sanctions. And other countries have the capacity of conducting expos and selling arms in showrooms with media coverage.

It is essential to note the Taliban military arsenal has camouflage uniformscombat helmetsbody armornight-vision gogglesM4 carbinessidearms, and Confiscated Humvees

Badri 313 - A Comprehensive Report 1

“The war they are fighting is not the same as the one their parents fought against the Soviets. They’ve learned from the ground, and they are very good technically,” he added.

Gilles Dorronsoro

Role of Badri 313 Battalion

Kabul was taken back by the Taliban in 2021. The Taliban reported that Badri 313 Battalion was securing the presidential palace of the Arg and other strategically important sites in Kabul city. Badri 313 Battalion is also closely watching the US activities, alongside counting on the closing time of the deadline. 

The US invasion of Afghanistan leads to the killing and disposal of Afghans. According to an estimate by UNHCR, there are more than 2.5 million registered Afghan refugees. And Pakistan is the largest host of Afghan nationals. It is a well-known fact, backed by the government, Pakistan hosts an additional 1 million unregistered Afghan refugees. The US invasion of Afghanistan also engulfed the lives of around 0.8 million people. Whereas US official reports only officially acknowledge the death of nearly 45,000 people directly killed in the conflict.

The retaliation of the Taliban proved to be a national effort against occupation forces. Otherwise, a military of barely 75,000 can’t defeat a world order. The US poured more than 2.3 Trillion dollars directly. Although the US officers made billions in black money by smuggling drugs and exploiting the local mineral resources with the help of a puppet government, by and large, the money this adventure cost to the American taxpayer is huge. According to reports that local newspapers have covered in Afghanistan, the US has looted as many resources of Afghanistan as possible, but all these bucks went to the private account holders.

Badri 313 - A Comprehensive Report 2
Badri 313 training

Anyways, Badri 313 battalion has a lot of work to do in the upcoming days and goes through serious challenges as their job is not over yet. Badri 313 force has to improve the writ of the new government of Taliban to establish peace, justice, and safety. Kabul is waiting for the complete removal of the crusaders, and Sohail Shaheen said in his interview that they won’t extend the deadline beyond 31st August. Once the removal of these forces is complete, leading to inter-Afghan dialogues, the role of Badri 313 will be clear.

At the moment, Badri 313 force is emerging as a victor and a new era of Afghan nationalism deep-rooted to their impressive history. The history of not bowing before anybody except God.

End of debate on Badri 313

Coward looser never accept the victory of their opponents. And now we are listening debates about the Badri 313 where media outlets are arguing if they are better than special forces or not? Take a look at the news from

Badri 313 “likely represents some of the best trained and equipped fighters within the Taliban more broadly, although as you would expect there is a degree of sensationalising in propaganda coverage of the unit by the group,” Matt Henman from the Janes defence consultancy told AFP.

Matt Henman, AFP

This is a useless debate as the US has lost the war. If the Taliban are weaker or not professional, what we have than to take from the professionalism of so-called “special forces” close the chapter of such professionals who cant fight a war against newbies.

In fact, the wester media, and Indian media will not accept the victory or announce their defeat publicly out of shame.
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a blogger by passion.

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